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BRAINBOX: A box full of things to do and to learn using STE(A)M.


This WIKI DOES attempt to include resources that provide cheap, practical and challenging project ideas that can be used as inspiration or a foundation for understanding of core principles that directly link to the NSW syllabus:NEW Science & Technology K-6 Syllabus, Mandatory 7-8 Syllabus, Agriculture, Digital Technologies and STEM

Some of these activities include explicit teaching instructions and/or black-line masters. Where explicit plans may be missing, there are plenty of sites/resources that already supply these.

Each task can be used to reinforce the understanding that science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics are not only complementary, but also mutually dependant.

See the BRAINBOX Task List for more detail.

The Importance Of Curiosity

Video 1. This Will Revolutionize Education 1)

A Reminder About How We Do Science:

The scientific process


Avind Gupta: Making toys from trash

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